Foam Soap

1 L

Melissa Foam Cleaner is a perfumed, creamed and moisturizing foam cleaner for hand, face and body wash and can only be used be with a special foam-making equipment.



Each time you press the foam pump, less product is given than liquid soaps and consumption reduces so provides cost advantage. No need to lather, so no waste of water during hand washing because of running water. Reduces water consumption by%30 compared liquid soaps because of easy rinsing.
Alcohol-Free. No Color Additive

Skin Friendly:

The pH value is 5.5 which is most compatible to human skin.


Made of herbal ingredients, does not harm the environment.

Easy to use:

Each time you press the pump, the product com as foam, so need to rub your hands. Because of foaming characteristic, it does not slide over your hand like liquid soaps.

1000ml Kartridge

Foam Pump